Former top NBA draft pick Kwame Brown went on an expletive-filled rant on social media Tuesday rehashing an incident between NFL star Cam Newton and a camper from February.

Newton got into a heated exchange with a young heckler at the camp, was taking shots at the New Patriots quarterback for becoming a “free agent.” Newton fanned the flames when he replied to him with “I’m rich,” and asked for the boy’s . He added that he had no disrespect toward the kid but if the boy wanted the attention he was willing to give it to him “right away.”


While the issue was seemingly put to bed in the offseason, Brown rekindled the moment in the middle of his feud with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Brown said if the kid was around when he was playing sports in his day, the boy would have been hit by the coach.

“If a kid would’ve walked up to a coach Cam Newton’s size and talked like that boy talked to Cam Newton back in my day … that coach would’ve slapped the living s—t out of him,” Brown said in the video captured by Black Sports Online. “They woulda walked up to his momma and told him you don’t talk to no man like that. Where’s this boy’s daddy at? He woulda looked past his momma – where’s this boy’s daddy at? And if the daddy wasn’t there, the coach woulda said ‘that’s what his a*s needed. Now get the f—k off my field.’

“And when that little boy woulda came back to practice, if the coach would let him, his a*s woulda has to earn the right to be amongst men, young men, and he woulda had to respect everybody out there before he came his a*s back out on the field. He woulda had to do some running, some up-and-downs, some burpees, all kinds of s—t. And that’s how you teach those little boys respect.”


Brown said that if Newton retaliated in any way, the brunt of the criticism would have been on him instead of looking at the so-called disrespectful way he was treated.

“… If Cam Newton woulda slapped the hell out of that little boy, like he deserved, ya’ll would took his money ‘cus it’s all about money. You want to make grown men into women. Ya’ll woulda took his money. Ya’ll woulda doxed him, you woulda told him how wrong he was, you woulda called him abusive to and you’re overlooking the fact that you just created the worst little son of a b—tch in the world. And that little f—ker is going to grow up to be a man and he talked to a (N-word) that’s great right now.

“Cam Newton broke barriers down. Do you know how hard it is to be a Black quarterback? And some little punk b—tch that ain’t prove a mother—king thing … I wish I was out there. I woulda cussed your mother—king a*s out. 

“I don’t care who get offended by that, that s—t was disrespectful.”

Brown then compared the heckler to Barnes and Jackson, saying those are types of men being created today.


Brown was on the receiving end of some jabs from the two former player and Gilbert Arenas. The former Washington Wizards forward has had some back-and-forths with the two over social media in the last few days.

The ex-NBA player was selected No. 1 by the Wizards in 2002 but its widely considered to be a bust.