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10 Crafty Culinary Businesses

Pay-it-forward pizza: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza Delivered canine cuisine: The Farmer’s Dog Liquid nitrogen ice cream: Mix ‘n’ Match Creamery Dining…

Could the Legal Cannabis Industry Expand to Every State by 2021?

The legal cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, so much so that some researchers expect cannabis will be legal – either medicinally or recreationally – in every state by 2021. Market analysts for cannabis industry research organization GreenWave Advisors anticipate that in four years 22 states will have medicinal programs and 29 states will fully legalize cannabis, leading to a projected $30 billion in sales revenue nationwide.

Small Business Snapshot: One River School of Art + Design

Most top-notch art schools are located in our city centers, great programs are inaccessible to so many people who live and work in the suburbs. One River School of Art + Design brings together our proprietary teaching methods, interactive processes, and a focus on current concepts, provided in spaces designed to stimulate creativity.

HP Spectre Review: Is It Good for Business?

The Spectre is a consumer-focused system, and while it feels sturdy, it’s not certified to withstand drops, dings, extreme temperatures or humidity. Mobile workers will love the Spectre’s svelte design, but they’ll lament its subpar battery life. The Spectre’s weak battery life is its cons, especially since its closest rival – Dell’s nontouch  XPS 13 – ran for nearly twice as long on the same battery test.

iPhone 5s Features That Will Rock Your Business

From a new operating system to better security and improved battery life, the new iPhone 5s can help you start and run a business straight from your mobilephone. iOS 7 Upgraded camera Fingerprint technology Ultrafast LTE wireless A7 chip + battery life

How to Run a Business in Texas

Many business owners told us that Texas‘ regulatory environment is conducive to successful business operations. Another benefit of doing business in Texas that entrepreneurs mentioned repeatedly was the supportive and diverse business communities throughout the state. Starting a business in Texas requires you to select a business structure and file the appropriate tax and employer identification documents.

3 Tips to Prevent Emotional Decision-Making in the Workplace

It is important in highly emotional situations that you are able to rely on outside perspectives. Take the time to…

What Is Amazon Launchpad, and How Could It Help Grow Your Business?

Launchpad was created for help brands scale their business, market their products and reach more customers through the e-commerce giant’s…

How to Build a Business Without Investors

Going without investors gives you the freedom to pivot or shift the direction of your business without convincing others that it is a good idea. Invest your free time into your side hustle. Learn how to take on every job title and responsibility. Make…

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies are used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities, so they play a…