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6 Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation

Set realistic, actionable goals. Do your research to find the right CRM solution. Select a CRM team, with department champions.…

Incubators Heat Up Chances of Small Business Survival

Incubators have a selection process that primarily focuses on new businesses. Incubators also try to identify weaknesses or gaps in…

8 Essential Questions Your Elevator Pitch Should Answer

What is your concept? How are you different? How will you spend investors’ money? Are you passionate about your idea?…

Give Yourself the Gift of Compassion

Open your heart: To connect more deeply with others. Appreciate your community: When we remember what we share as human…

Mark Zuckerberg’s 5 Secrets to Success

PASSION — Keep your energy and commitment fully charged. PURPOSE — Don’t just create a great product, drive a meaningful…

A Guided RAIN Meditation to Cultivate Compassion

Allow the inhale of your belly to expand like a balloon and then gently exhale, allowing the belly to contract. The belly button is trying to touch the spine as you allow your breath to settle into its natural rhythm. Simply taking a gentle full breath in as we take the next moment to be and allow. We may be noticing thoughts or images that arise that feel aligned with our belief systems.

Big Dreams for a Small Business – Flower Shop

Opening costs are low compared to other businesses, the difficulty of running a flower shop is increased because so many different types of businesses are combined into one. Many people think that because you’re working with something as “Simple” and beautiful as flowers, that it’s an easy business. Most people fantasize that florists just play with flowers all day. If you don’t really love working with flowers, it’s not worth it, especially if you aren’t a morning person.

5 Ways to Ready Yourself to Launch Your Dream Business in 2021

1. Create a lean, yet solid business plan. 2. Simplify your life, and save up. 3. Gather data to help…

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Review: Is It Good for Business?

A durable work phone is a dependable work phone, and you can’t get much more durable than the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. If you do need to top off your battery before leaving the office, the Droid Turbo 2 is the fastest-charging smartphone we’ve ever tested, thanks to its Turbo Charging functionality. The Droid Turbo 2 would be a reasonably enticing work phone with just its long battery life, roomy display and fast performance.

The Top 5 Business Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Marketing Hiring Employee benefits Financing Ad blocking Small businesses will be among the first to try and to master these new approaches as they come onto the market, just as they have been the first to adopt branded content and influencer marketing. Don’t be afraid to take risks and take advantage of your position as a small, nimble company to help your business get ahead.